Review: JBoss AS 5 Development

I had the pleasure of being a technical reviewer on Packt’s JBoss AS 5 Development by Francesco Marchioni and I must say it was a fun ride. Being one of the few (if not the only) books released to date on JBoss AS 5, it is one very loaded one.

It provides detailed coverage of what’s new in the 5th iteration of the server, explaining into details its components. It then leads you down the path of setting up the server and tweaking it core i.e. thread pools, logging, JMX etc.

Using application examples, it then uncovers how to develop EJB Session beans, JPA or Hibernate entities and how they are used and configured, JSF, JBoss Messaging, JBoss Web Services and an indepth look at JMX. One very important topic covered in great detail is JBoss AS’s cluster configuration. The book ends with a discussion of JBoss Security.

The examples are developed with the help of the JBoss Tools Eclipse plugins, making for a tightly integrated experience with JBoss.

I’d recommend this book for both beginners and experts, and especially for the latter because of the depth of coverage of the more administrative sections of JBoss.

The book is available here.