DZone Releases Richfaces and Seam UI RefCardz

As part of DZone’s aim of informing the developer, especially Java developers of their choices in tools and technologies to be productive in their fields, it regularly publishes RefCardz. These are concise, straight to the point publications highlighting appropriate uses of different technologies. They have been very insightful to me.

In recent weeks, I’ve participated in reviewing the publication of Seam UI RefCard from Jacob Orshalick, the author of the just released Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE and a committer on the Seam project. It contains some useful information on some of the best practices for managing and configuraing your Seam application’s UI. Just grap a copy here.

And just yesterday, a RefCard on Richfaces was published from the horse’s own mouth – Excadel. This publication features Nick Belaevski, Ilya Shaikovsky, Jay Balunas and Max Katz – author of the well acclaimed Practical Richfaces.

These give fans of Seam and Richfaces enough food for thought for the next few months. Enjoy chewing on them as I have.


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