Ebedded JOPR – The New JBoss AS Admin Console

I’ve enjoyed developing application and deploying to the JBoss Application Server, and have been using it since it’s 4.0 days. However, one thing that has starkly been missing from JBoss AS is an administration console, and a lot of us JBoss AS users have had to manually edit xml files to create JMS , JDBC DataSource and other application settings, and the experience hasn’t been gratifying.

So I was pleasantly surprised to come accross Embedded Jopr, a spin off of the Jopr project, for managing single JBoss AS installations. Embedded Jopr is a plugin structured, Seam based application packaged as a war. Just deploy to your JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy folder and you have your admin console. I’ve always envied Glassfish users for their admin console, but for once I couldn’t be happier with using JBoss.

Note that Embedded Jopr works only on JBoss AS 4.2 version only, and not yet on the newly released JBoss AS 5.  Can’t wait for JBoss AS 5 support though.

More information can be found below.

Ian Springer’s blog

Embedded jopr




One thought on “Ebedded JOPR – The New JBoss AS Admin Console

  1. Great. Should you were right about GlassFish admin console i do envy it too.
    Well Embedded Jopr will keep our heads up. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    When is the book on Seam going to be release.

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