Seam Seminar at Kofi-Annan Centre, Accra

As part of efforts to create a greater awareness of enterprise java technologies and tools especially on JBoss Seam, I’ve been able to secure a seminar on the 24th April 2008 at the Kofi Annan Center (AITI-KACE), Accra Ghana. This is part of their Technology Transformation Seminar that they organise to talk about trends and technologies in IT.

The seminar is titled “Stateful, Secure Enterprise Applications with JBoss Seam” and as the title suggests will be centered on the use of the Seam framework in web-based enterprise application development.

Looking forward to meeting all interested “Seamers” there. Will make the slides available on this blog after the seminar. Thanks in advance to AITI-KACE for the opportunity.

My next post will be focusing on PDF report generation and subsequently a look at the new feature of natural conversations. Keep your eyes on the ball.


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