Seam JBoss Portlet Bridge Realeased

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I was glad last week when I heard that the JBoss Portlet Bridge has been released for deploying Seam projects in JBoss Portal.

I’ve been waiting for this for a while, since I find the idea of portals very interesting. I evaluated the SeamBookingPortlet example that comes with this release and its not bad. Looking forward to the opportunity to develop applications for a business in a portlet fashion, and will be blogging on my portlet learning experiences.

The last milestone I’m waiting for is the ability to deploy JBoss Portal on Tomcat, a feature which can only be available after the completion of the JBoss 5 project which includes the new JBoss Microcontainer. This feature will enable JBoss apps like JBoss Portal to be deployed on Tomcat.

JBoss, speed it up.


2 thoughts on “Seam JBoss Portlet Bridge Realeased

  1. Hi,

    we have released a couple of weeks ago, JBoss Portlet Container ( which is our Portlet Container implementation that runs on top of microcontainer. There is already a Tomcat bundle available.

    As you said the long term plans are to run the full portal on top of microcontainer and we have already achieved a good first step with that!

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